Steel Structure Strengthening

Just as every material has a lifespan, steel structures also require periodic renewal and steel strengthening processes, no matter how durable they may be. In order to prevent future accidents and take precautions, it is important to perform steel strengthening processes periodically to address deformations, rusting, and other malfunctions that may occur over time in the load-bearing elements of buildings such as columns, beams, and foundations. Additionally, the lifespan of reinforced concrete buildings can be extended through steel strengthening.


The project design for the area where steel strengthening will be carried out is promptly conducted by experienced engineers from SKYCON STEEL. Subsequently, the necessary manufacturing process for the intended procedure is executed by skilled technical teams who possess the required certifications in the field.

With the steel strengthening process performed by SKYCON STEEL's competent static office staff in compliance with Occupational Health and Safety standards, the section of the building, such as beams or foundations, subject to the procedure continues to maintain its functionality for an extended period.

The primary cause of damage in buildings and undesirable destruction incidents during potential earthquakes is the failure to perform steel strengthening in parts that gradually lose their functionality and become less resistant to impacts. However, competent companies ensure that steel strengthening and column strengthening processes are not only durable and of high quality but also economically feasible.


SKYCON STEEL STRUCTURES, which operates with a turnkey policy in every service it provides, carries out its steel strengthening processes in such a way that you can continue your daily life with confidence, leaving no worries behind. Steel strengthening process, which is among the most important aspects to focus on in steel construction structures, is one of the services provided by SKYCON STEEL in the most professional manner. After the steel strengthening process, there will be no visible changes or additions in your building or workplace; only the existing structure will become stronger and more durable. In order to extend the lifespan of reinforced concrete buildings, it is essential to perform steel strengthening processes based on static data, examination by experienced engineers, and destructive and non-destructive testing (samples).