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Consulting and Project Management

Project consultancy service suitable for future demands and management service of project implementation are provided by our company.

Construction consultants work closely with project managers. Consultants support project managers in their areas of expertise, assist in the effective execution of processes and guide the project team. This collaboration facilitates the achievement of the project's goals. Skycon Steel carries out consultancy and project management together thanks to its professional team.

As Skycon Steel, according to the demands of our customers, housing and residence applications are still continuing to be made in return for flat on the existing land. These applications are carried out successfully in Istanbul and Varna, Bulgaria.

Construction consultancy and project management play a critical role in the realization of successful projects. The harmony of these two disciplines contributes to the successful completion of complex construction projects. Our consultants at Skycon understand the needs of customers and offer customized solutions, while our project managers complete projects on time and on budget with an effective planning and management process.