About Us

About Us

SKYCON CELIK was established in 1978 and has accomplished many steel, concrete and steel & concrete projects in Turkey and abroad. SKYCON ÇELİK, one of the well-known construction companies of the sector and currently operating in 10 countries of the world, together with its factory employees; engineering assistants, more than 12 engineers and more than 80 employees. These ten countries: Turkey, Guinea, Ruwanda, Gambia, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan During the work we do, our customers always pay attention to the fulfillment of all design, production, assembly, construction and contracting works by SKYCON ÇELİK. Mutual trust, paying attention to the opinions of our customers, on time and fast delivery ... All of them are the unchanging principles of SKYCON STEEL. Our company continues its quality-oriented work and attaches great importance to customer satisfaction and occupational safety. Our company provides services from design to turnkey project and contracting works. It produces designs and economical solutions for the implementation of the inherited projects. By combining these solutions with quality, customer satisfaction is achieved. We build modern living spaces that are compatible with the environment. First of all, SKYCON ÇELİK operates in the field of building construction sector such as industrial buildings, official administration buildings, social buildings (such as hotels, shopping malls, hospitals) as a turnkey project. SKYCON CELIK is proud to share with its customers the new and progressive services and experiences obtained with its proven professional team and vision in project design, manufacturing, construction works, installations and site management.

Our Goals

Contributing to the country's economy, being sensitive to the environment in all the projects we undertake and not harming, investing in people and their future, being able to present our understanding of quality to wider masses every day… These goals give us endless power.

Our Services

Our company offers turnkey contracting services from design to construction. The most important service policy is to produce economical solutions for the projects it undertakes to design and implement, and to combine these solutions with quality and to ensure customer satisfaction.

Our Quality Policy

Our Quality Policy is to understand the expectations of our customers and to achieve perfection by working in accordance with specifications and standards. Basic Principles on which our policy is based Aiming for excellence. Working efficiently to add value. To act according to the principle of continuous improvement. To be responsible for quality with all our management and employees. To increase our skills and understanding of quality through education. Promoting harmony, efficiency and creativity with the team's work. To cooperate with our subcontractors at every opportunity, for continuous development, in an approach of mutual gain. Our Quality Goals are to resolve customer complaints, to minimize rework and repair work, to reduce costs by increasing efficiency and to reflect this to our customers.

Our Environmental Policy

We will maintain this high standard in the light of moral values in all our efforts and relations for the protection of the environment, in accordance with national and international legislation, in cooperation with official authorities and in communication with the society, in the use of substances and energy, which are the principles of ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, in the selection of technology, in the construction sites. in its establishment and operation; We will determine the main principle of our company, which is one of the leading companies in the construction sector, to prevent waste in the use of natural resources, to protect the environment, to reduce waste and residues in all our activities in order to prevent pollution, and to ensure that they are reintroduced to the country's economy through recycling, We undertake that we will ensure the continuous development of our Management System and that we will give importance to training and activities that encourage the protection of the environment and human health, and keep the environmental factor at the forefront.

Our Occupational Health and Safety Policy

While our company carries out all kinds of infrastructure and superstructure construction activities at the highest quality level, it considers the protection of the occupational health and safety of its employees without exception and the continuous improvement of the working environment among its main objectives. In this context, we undertake to provide and maintain the following issues. To ensure that occupational health and safety risks are eliminated or minimized by taking precautionary measures. To comply with the current OHS related legal and administrative regulations. To provide trainings to all employees in order to ensure that they are aware of their individual OHS responsibilities. To periodically review the OHS Policy in order to maintain compliance with the requirements and to ensure continuous improvement in OHS-related issues. To mutually share the OHS experiences gained with public, private sector organizations and non-governmental organizations.

Our principles

Mutual trust, the importance given to the customer's wishes, promptness and more... All these are the unchanging principles of Skycon Steel... Our company works with a focus on quality in all its works and attaches great importance to building safety.