Infrastructure Works



Skycon Steel has the capacity to make every effort to carry out all kinds of excavation, trenching, blockage filling works, internal excavation, backfilling, field concrete cylinder works for infrastructure applications with its construction machinery and with a sufficient number of technical staff. .

Construction infrastructure works is an important stage that covers the basic and infrastructure arrangements of construction projects. These jobs include setting up buildings and other structures on solid foundations, installing water and sewer systems, and preparing electrical and telecommunications infrastructure. In addition, the arrangement of roads and parking lots, rainwater drainage system, sidewalks and other road infrastructures are among the infrastructure works.

These jobs often involve many areas of expertise and require the collaboration of different teams on site. Civil engineers, architects, geologists, electrical engineers and many more professionals are involved in this process. In addition, every stage of infrastructure work is vital to the durability, safety and longevity of buildings and other structures. Skycon Steel is always with its customers with its professional team.

Careful planning, correct design and use of quality materials are of great importance in this type of work. In addition, attention should be paid to environmental factors and construction site safety. Project owners, contractors and local governments must work collaboratively for the successful completion of infrastructure works.

The Turkish construction industry is also in a prestigious position in the international arena with its advanced techniques and experienced professionals in infrastructure works. However, since each project has its own uniqueness, detailed analysis and planning are essential for a successful outcome.