As Skycon Steel Construction, draft applications are prepared by our static project group in accordance with the projects to be made by our customers, and customer satisfaction is ensured in budget work on the basis of application. Contract applications in accordance with these demands can be made on a turnkey basis.

       a) General construction investments (Turnkey Applications)

       b) In line with customer demands; Making static calculations in projects, preparing static application projects + shop drawing projects,

       c) Manufacturing and assembly applications of structures with structural steel designed steel transport system, especially our structural steel applications in recent history;

Industrial facilities, especially the construction of Power Station buildings in African Countries, “Power Plants”
Oil Facilities & Oilfield Maintenance Units
High-Rise Structural Steel Construction Buildings,
Shopping centers, shopping malls, residence projects mainly in Bulgaria and Turkey
Structural Steel Tower Projects (Currently, additional steel construction works have started in Taksim Odakule)
Industrial Facilities Structural Steel Applications

      d) Reinforced Concrete Structures

      e) Prefabricated Buildings