Structural Steel Applications and General Steel Structural Structures

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Structural Steel Applications and General Steel Structural Structures

With 35 years of experience in the construction industry, our company is in a leading position in structural steel applications in Turkey, African countries, Turkish Republics and Europe. It is known for the projects it has successfully implemented, especially in countries such as Bulgaria, Romania, Italy and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Thanks to the knowledge and experience gained over the years, we represent excellence and quality in structural steel applications. As a company, we attach great importance to providing sustainable solutions, taking into account customer satisfaction and the environmental impacts of our projects.

In the last six years, we have successfully completed a total of 8 residence projects, especially in Africa, in countries such as Guinea-Conakry and Rwanda-Kigali, and in Varna, Bulgaria. Additionally, there are currently two 100-flat residence projects ongoing in Varna. These projects attract great interest and demand not only in local markets, but also by other communities living in Europe.

Our company's success in structural steel and structural steel applications is not limited to steel structures only. We are also known for our expertise in reinforced concrete structures. The quality and reliability we provide to our customers has become a competitive advantage in the industry.

We lead our customers not only in structural steel and construction projects, but also in sustainability and environmental awareness. In each of our projects, we work in accordance with the latest environmental standards and sustainable practices.

The success of our company is thanks to years of experience, understanding of quality and commitment to sustainable solutions. We will continue to prioritize customer satisfaction and environmental sustainability. You can trust us for your structural steel and construction projects.