Projecting and Design



Our company provides design services with its professional project team in our technical office, whether it is architectural project-based, preparing static and application projects for your works, or the preparation of application projects for the benefit of the employer for your works whose static project has been prepared.

Before the application, our projects are drawn as models in the computer environment, taking into account the manufacturing details, ease of assembly and method of statement.

Project planning and design play a critical role in the creation of quality and functional buildings in the construction industry. Correct planning and design ensures that the construction process proceeds smoothly and successfully. With the developments and technological advances in the construction sector, it is expected that safer, environmentally friendly and aesthetic buildings will be built in the future. Providing quality construction project and design services, Skycon's professional teams, will increase the quality and durability of the structures and ensure customer satisfaction.

The drawn shop drawing projects are submitted to the employer's approval. Projects that have been approved are prepared in the manufacturing work preparation department with a document containing all the necessary information until the work is completed. This document includes the materials that will be required, the equipment definitions to be used, what will be done during the application phase, the quality details of the materials and the technical specification.