What is Steel Construction?

Steel construction is a building system in which carrier systems are generally preferred, from sports facilities to factory buildings, from steel industrial structures to aircraft hangars, from workshops to hangars and warehouses. It is an ideal option especially for structures with wide spans and heights built in earthquake risk areas. Steel constructed structures have superior mechanical properties, easy application and static capabilities compared to other carrier systems. Therefore, steel construction structures offer safe, economical and fast installation. These structures, whose main supporting elements are made of steel, are preferred and recommended especially in earthquake zones.

Usage Areas of Steel Construction

Steel construction has wide usage areas. It is especially preferred in geographical regions threatened by earthquakes and is frequently used in the following areas:
  • Steel Construction Factory Buildings: Factory buildings used in industrial areas are generally built with steel construction. These structures may have large openings and high ceilings.
  • Steel Construction Hangars: Hangars for the storage of planes, helicopters and other aircraft are generally built using steel construction.
  • Steel Construction Sports Facilities: Sports halls, stadiums and sports complexes are designed with steel construction structures. In this way, facilities with large audience capacities can be built.
  • Steel Construction Warehouse Buildings: Businesses in need of storage can expand their warehouse areas by using steel construction warehouse buildings.
  • Steel Construction Workshops: Manufacturing businesses and workshops can optimize their production areas by choosing steel construction structures.

Advantages of Steel Construction

The reasons for choosing a steel construction structure may be as follows:
  • Quick Installation: Steel construction structures can be constructed quickly, which saves time.
  • Reliability: Steel structures have excellent mechanical properties and high earthquake resistance.
  • Economy: Steel construction offers an economical structure option and is long-lasting.
  • Recycling: Steel structure is easy to recycle, providing an environmentally friendly option.

As a result, steel construction structures are a building system that offers advantages such as wide usage areas, fast installation, reliability and economy. Being preferred especially in earthquake zones increases the durability of structures and therefore it has become a common choice.