Earthquake Investigation in Buildings

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a) Existing Building Control: The current status of the building is checked. It is the control of the structure in order to have preliminary information about whether there is damage, corrosion, etc., what the concrete condition is, it is decided whether a performance analysis of the structure can be made or not, according to the conditions,

b) Soil Investigation: If the existing building has a ground survey and it is in accordance with today's regulations, no re-studies are made, otherwise a Soil Investigation is carried out in accordance with the Regulation,

c) Laboratory Service: In accordance with the regulation, cores are taken in the entire structure and readings are made with a schmit hammer. For the detection of reinforcement, reinforcement determinations are also carried out by reading the columns and beams in accordance with the Regulation with a stripping and ultrasound device.

d) Taking a survey: If there is a project, the conformity of the building with the current project is checked. If not, the survey of all columns, beams, decks and walls of the existing structure is taken.

e) Performance analysis of the existing structure and preparation of the report : Our competent engineers perform a performance analysis of the existing structure according to today's Earthquake Regulations and Standards, determine whether it performs according to the purpose of construction, which columns and beams are damaged, and the necessary reporting is prepared.