The First Issue to Consider in Industrial Plant Investments : ınvestors

Investors should plan their investments in such a way that they will operate efficiently and compete for many years.

In industrial facility investment;

· Process Description and Layout

· Selection of Site and Land Suitable for Investment Projection,

· Feasibility of Investment,

· Financing,

· Business Efficiency

The most important issues to be considered are the preparation of a project in accordance with the criteria specified in the above articles.

First of all, it is necessary to describe the process very well, to choose the appropriate equipment, and to choose the most appropriate place by considering the distance to the raw material and the consumer. Making the construction without describing the process thoroughly and fitting the process into the randomly constructed building is an important factor affecting efficiency during operation.

Before starting the investment, a project and construction planning that will reduce operating efficiency and operating costs should be made and implemented.

In some investments we have participated in, we see that the projects are not prepared with the right solutions by competent people. In this case, there are delays in the construction period, and the construction costs increase as a result of hasty decisions. When you calculate these costs and the value of the delayed production, the price paid is much higher than the price you pay for the project services. You are faced with paying much more of the time and money that you did not spend during the project phase due to incomplete projects and incorrect planning. For this reason, the experience and competency of the designer and implementer company is very important in industrial facility investment.

You can contribute to the brand value with the building you will have an aesthetic architectural design,

Contribution to brand value can be made by planning social areas that will increase employee happiness,

You can contribute to the brand value by getting a green building certificate for your building.

a. Carrier system types commonly applied in Industrial Facilities

• Steel Carrier System

• Prefabricated Reinforced Concrete Carrier System

• Cast-in-situ Reinforced Concrete Column + Steel Roof

• Reinforced Concrete Prefabricated Column + Steel Roof

• Cast-in-situ Reinforced Concrete Column + Steel Space Roof

• Reinforced Concrete Prefabricated Column + Steel Space Roof

b. Carrier system selection is made by whom and according to what criteria?

• Architects

• Economic Reasons

• Investor's receiving offers directly from the carrier system manufacturer

• Factory location

  The advantages brought by the use of steel as a carrier system in buildings can be grouped under the following headings:

Architectural Advantages

• Large openings that cannot be passed with other materials can be crossed using steel material.

• It saves space due to the slenderness of the carrier system elements and the passage of wide openings.

• It can be done easily when enlargement or modification is desired in the building.

• Thanks to a wide variety of combination techniques, the desired geometry and form can be built.

• Mechanical and electrical installation ducts can be passed through the gaps opened in the beams, in this way, no loss of floor height is lost.